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Easy. Just decide what courses or tutoring your academy
will offer, then focus on advertising and sales. We will
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Once students your students have paid, you can create a group class, select the appropriate material and book an online tutor with us

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When starting a business, you want to minimize fixed expenses. Later, what matters the most is business continuity and growth.

We care when you're small..

Our charges are per transaction. So we earn only when you earn. No annual subscription fees will be charged.

We care when you're big..

Once you reach a sizable scale, your academy will need functions to run your operation seamlessly. These will be available to you under our Enterprise plan for a reasonable annual fee.

Have an academy already?

Expand into online tutoring and generate additional revenue within days!

If you run a conventional face-to-face language center and have been thinking of ways to expand your business, then you’ve come to the right place. BlueDomain platform offers you a complete growth solution, building on your existing business, with almost no capital requirement. It enables you to sell online tutoring courses and provides you with the needed system to manage this operation from the moment you advertise until when your students have completed their final assessments.

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