For entrepreneurs

If you are looking for hot new business ideas, or have been wondering how to make money online without paying anything, then you are in the right place. Actually, entrepreneurs find it hard to get small profitable business ideas that they can pursue without substantial capital requirement. BlueDomain is a platform that enables entrepreneurs aspiring to own a business, to start one in the online language education. It is one of these startup ideas that have very low capital requirement and provides an integrated back office for your online academy. You do not need to be a tutor yourself, just select a BlueDomain tutor and can start promoting for your courses.

For language academies

Language centers are struggling to expand, due to locality constraints and the required significant capital expenditure. BlueDomain provides a way to achieve a quick expansion which is reasonable in cost and that complements your existing service offering. Further, if you are feeling the competition pinch from online players, then BlueDomain platform will help you access this online delivery space and diversify your offerings. You will be offered a complete Learning Management System (LMS) and a CRM to help you attain your aspired growth. This LMS software provides you with the ability to manage employee accounts and control access levels.

Start your online institute today..

Registering as Partner Institute makes you, immediately, a part of a recognised international network, giving you a clear competitive edge over other players. Furthermore, it provides you with a free institute management system, student mobile apps and unlimited access to online tutors. It takes you to the next level!